Maker Stories: Natalie Krizo & Soli Naturals

Abbey LaMay-WestJan 8, '23

"...I was surprised by how much it lathered up..." "...It immediately felt healthier on my hair...a different kind of clean..."

The Problem Is The Solution: CARDBOARD

Abbey LaMay-WestJul 22, '22

What is our problem?  We get a LOT of cardboard. Almost everything we purchase comes in a cardboard box. It’s one area in the shop I’ve always struggled to make more sustainable. It’s been nagging at me for ages.

The Impact of Buying Local: Real Stories

Abbey LaMay-WestFeb 8, '22

One recent message from a Vermont maker not only warmed the cockles of our hearts, but it reconfirmed for me that buying local makes a difference in the day-to-day lives of our neighbors. (fist pump)We had placed a small test order with a one-woman company for some really adorable handmade...

Emu Oil HOT Pain Stuff: A Shopkeep's Revelation

Abbey LaMay-WestNov 1, '21

To be clear - I'm not a doctor or medical expert. I've been dealing with back pain when I first injured it rough housing at age 12.  Thirty years later, I thought I'd tried everything for the pain. Last week, I was at the shop lifting lots of boxes, bending...