Why Vermont-Made

We believe that supporting local Vermont employers and makers strengthens our community from the ground up, while at the same time providing our welcome visitors a piece of Vermont to carry with them and fondly remember their Vermont adventures.  

Top Reasons Why to Buy Local and Small:

  1. Create and support local ownership and good jobs. Nationally, small businesses employ the majority of folks!  
  2. Better service. When the owner, or one of their few employees, is serving you, they know the stories behind their products and are completely invested in a satisfied customer.
  3. Better selection. You’ll never be able to find the variety and selection of Vermont products in a big box chain or online mega store that are available in a local store. We picked the BEST, hardest-to-find Vermont goods and gifts for you.
  4. Investment in the Community. Vermont’s Own prides itself on giving back to the community by donating to a variety of organizations whose missions align with ours.
  5. Better Public Services. Local stores and makers mean a stronger local tax base, allowing our communities to grow and flourish.
  6. Reduced Environmental Impact. Buying local means fewer limited resources are spent on transportation. Vermont’s Own is committed to purchasing not only the goods we sell from local sources, but as many of our own supplies too.
  7. Keep Vermont Unique! Vermont is known for its warm, hearty, independent neighbors and communities. People say it feels different here. That’s because it is. Let’s work to keep it that way!