Whole Coffee Beans - Little Seed Coffee Roasters


Little Seed Coffee Roasters is just around the corner from us here at Vermont's Own and a favorite stop for the perfect maple latte. 

Now, we get to share the Little Seed love with these 10 oz bags of locally roasted whole coffee beans!

Visit this page https://www.littleseed.coffee/you-sip-we-give to learn more about their 'you sip, we give' initiative.

Little Seed's roasting process aims to enhance the flavor of each coffee, while still being accessible to both coffee connoisseurs and those new to the world of specialty beans.


  • Kanzu Community Lot is grown in Karambi, Rwanda and has flavors of red wine, lime, macoun apple, and marzipan.
  • Vista Al Bosque (from Guatemala) has hints of fig, milk chocolate, and floral notes.
  • Comunidad Nativa Mameria originates in Cusco, Peru and has flavors of nectarine, earl grey, and cardamom.
  • El Progresso is from Colombia and tastes of kiwi, orange blossom, and chocolate creemee. 
  • Jacalarito is grown in Oaxaca, Mexico and has hints of fudge, orange zest, and pink lemonade.

10 oz bags of whole beans.

Maggie and Anthony roast their beans at Little Seed Coffee Roasters in Middlebury, VT.