Whole Coffee Beans - Bud's Beans


Bud's Beans Whole Coffee is roasted to order in small batches right here in Middlebury.  Their choice of beans combined with their crafty roasting concocts complex flavor combinations you won't find anywhere else! a typical coffee can.

The lightly roasted Ethiopia is organically and sustainably sourced and harvested. The natural method of drying the beans brings out regionally unique flavors. Floral and fruity notes of apples and plum mix with brown sugar sweetness and milk chocolate. 

Bali Blue Moon is a medium roast with notes of baker’s chocolate and hints of cedar and black pepper.  Organically sourced.

The Colombian is roasted to medium, balancing notes of cherry, cocoa, and brown sugar.

For a full medium roast try out the Dominican Republic, organically sourced from the Ramirez Estate. It brews up for a mellow, smooth, creamy body with notes of vanilla and almond. Comfort in a cup.

For rich, bold flavor, go for Breakfast Blend, a dark roast blend. Perfect for starting your day - a strong and satisfying cup o'joe with notes of chocolate and hazelnut. 

16 oz bags of whole coffee beans.

Buds Beans was started in 2000 by William “Bud” Smith in a quest for a truly great cup of coffee. Over the years, Bud's Beans grew to become a staple in and around Middlebury, providing quality fresh coffee. In 2022, Grace & Daniel took over the 22-year-old legacy from Leah and Brian, with Bud continuing to offer his words of wisdom.