Maple Syrup Sampler - Butternut Mountain Farm


100% Pure Vermont Maple.

Want to sample each color? This kit is for you! 

It's all in the name. Golden Delicate = golden color, delicate maple taste.  You get how it works!

Pick your favorite on the scale of of maple-iness (that's a word, right?), from the most delicate to the heartiest in flavor.

Includes one 3.4 fl. oz. bottle of each of:

  • Golden Delicate – Subtle, delicate maple flavor. Try over vanilla ice cream or pancakes.
  • Amber Rich – A favorite for table use.
  • Dark Robust – Hearty flavor with hints of caramel. Great for cooking.

Why choose Butternut Mountain Farm maple syrup? 

Butternut Mountain Farm in Morrisville, VT is one of the largest maple processors and distributors in the United States! Local farmers have been selling their maple syrup to the Marvin family of Butternut Mountain Farm for forty years. They're maple masters.