Artisanal & Infused Maple Syrup Collections - Runamok Maple


Folks love these in the shop as a way to sample a variety of tasty twists on classic maple, or to give as a unique gift for someone looking for more than 'just' maple syrup.

There's something for everyone in these collection combinations, from cooks to cocktail slingers, tea lovers, and bakers.  Plus, some new pantry maple staples!

Cheese Pairing Collection: Perhaps Runamok's greatest discovery with the infused, smoked, and barrel-aged syrups is finding out how well they pair with cheese. These combinations bring out nuances they hadn’t tasted before. Elevate your next charcuterie board or cheese plate with Elderberry, Smoked with Pecan Wood, Hibiscus Flower, and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrups.

Cocktail Pairing Collection: Up your mixology game by adding Runamok's innovative maple syrups to your next cocktail. These syrups offer a greater depth of flavor than simple syrup, plus an unexpected dimension from these unique infusions. Mix your drinks with Ginger Root, Hibiscus Flower, Jasmine Tea, and Smoked with Pecan Wood Maple Syrups

Ice Cream Pairing Collection: Now THIS is one EVERYONE will love!  If you’ve never tried it over ice cream, prepare for your new favorite dessertRunamok tried nearly every type of ice cream flavor out there with each of our barrel-aged and infused syrups to come up with this collection of the best pairings: Cinnamon+Vanilla, Hibiscus Flower, Whiskey Barrel-Aged, and Rum Barrel-Aged Maple Syrups.

Pantry Favorites Collection: AKA the All-Stars of Runamok. Their most popular syrups can be used for pancakes, ice cream, vinaigrettes, and tea. Use them in cocktails or over fresh fruit. Get one each of Ginger Root, Sugarmaker's Cut, Bourbon Barrel-Aged, and Cinnamon & Vanilla Maple Syrups.

Smoke & Barrels CollectionThis collection offers a sampling of Runamok's popular barrel-aged syrups plus the smoked, perfect for the barbecue. Most people can’t decide which barrel-aged they like best: Rum Barrel-Aged, Bourbon Barrel-Aged, and Whiskey Barrel-Aged. To compliment them, they've included the Pecan Wood Smoked Maple Syrups.

Tea Pairing Collection: Adding honey to your tea is so last century. For a new and delicious way to sweeten your tea, try this collection of Cardamom, Cinnamon & Vanilla, Sugarmaker's Cut, and Makrut Lime Leaf Maple Syrups. Makes for the perfect gift for a tea lover.

Runamok Maple uses 100% certified organic ingredients. 

Another thing to love? Runamok strives to be not only good environmental stewards of their land and sugarbush but also of the planet. They invest in renewable energy and donate their post-infused ingredients to other producers in the area to divert food waste.

Each collection contains 4 - 60 ml bottles of artisanal maple syrup.

Made in Fairfax, VT by Runamok Maple.

Check out their recipe blog for ideas!