Pure Cider Jelly - Wood's


A tangy and spiced treat that will remind you of cozy autumn days all year long. (Just kidding, this jelly is so good, we doubt it’ll last in your kitchen long...)

Up your PB&J game, or top your bagel and cream cheese, toast, and donuts. Add to your holiday cheese platter (goes especially well with a creamy cheddar) or use as a glaze on chicken or pork. 

Since 1882, Wood’s Cider Mill has been making cider jelly. With the farm’s original screw press (125 years old!), they grind and press the apples, and then evaporate the cider in a wood-fired stainless steel evaporator. 

No preservatives or sweeteners. Just 100% apple-y goodness. 

Did you know, every pound of cider jelly is made from about 30-50 apples? 

Made in Springfield, VT.

Net weight 8 oz.