Traditional Italian Salame - Agricola Farm


Can a salami melt in your mouth? This one does! 

Local, small farm, pasture-raised pork + traditional Italian recipes (Nonna knows best!) + tried and true old country methods = Agricola Farm Salame.

Made using Agricola's farm-fresh meat from their farm and authentic Italian traditions and techniques.

Agricola lovingly & sustainably raises their pigs to bring you the best salami! From roaming pastures to feasting on non-GMO feed, these happy piggies are getting the top-notch treatment they deserve. Plus, they get to munch on delicious local Vermont vegetation, helping to keep the soil in tip-top shape!

Just a handful of spices unlock the flavor of the Italian pork and the grass-fed pastures they roamed, creating a taste that's truly one-of-a-kind from the farm to the plate.

Perfect for a charcuterie board or a simple sandwich on crusty bread.

Classico: Biting into this salami is like taking a trip to the Italian Alps - savor the garlicky punch, the tartness of the vino, a hint of nutmeg, the buttery richness of the fat. Don't miss out - give it a taste and experience the true flavor of traditional salame!

Aromatico:  Warm sweet flavors from Tuscan hills.  The classic Tuscan flavors of this salame are a warm smokiness of the smoked paprika that complements the sweetness of the wild fennel pollen.

Delicato: Salami Delicato gets its name from the delectable, gentle flavors of spices infused in wine overnight. Just the santoreggia (winter savory) is added a few hours before filling the links, creating a fresh zest on top of a softly-sweet backdrop.

Piccante:  Hot & sweet like you find in southern Italy.  Spiced using specially imported sweet and hot peppers and pepper paste from Calabria, the region in Italy best known for spicy peppers. 

Aged 2+ months.

PEEL BEFORE YOU EAT IT (not just our salame, but ALL SALAME you ever encounter). Best served at room temperature.

Handcrafted from farm to finish by the farmers at Agricola Farm in Panton and Middlebury, VT.

5 oz

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