Pork Salame - Agricola Farm


Can a salami melt in your mouth? This one does! 

Local, small farm, pasture raised pork + traditional Italian recipes (Nonna knows best!) + tried and true old country methods = Agricola Farm Salame.

Using only a few key spices, the taste of the meat and the pasture they were raised on comes through creating an entirely unique flavor from farm to fork.

One taste took me back 23 years to the farm fresh, lovingly crafted, homemade food and flavors I savored in Italy, and have salivated for ever since. 

Shelf-stable, and perfect for a charcuterie board or simple sandwich on crusty bread.

Handcrafted from farm to finish by the farmers at Agricola Farm in Panton and Middlebury, VT.

5 oz