Mustard - Butterfly Bakery


Mustard like you've never had it before.

Handcrafted in Montpelier, these small, seasonal batches are ever-changing (read: check back often!) and feature random-as-heck flavor greatness.

Each 8 oz jar is made with organic Canadian yellow and brown mustard seed, organic white vinegar, and salt, plus whatever flavor is mentioned in the name and description — which makes selecting your favorite pretty darn easy.*

Butterfly Bakery is committed to slow, sustainable growth using local ingredients and paying their employees a living wage. Seriously, what's not to love?

*Except Gustard. Gustard is special. In collaboration with the musical awesomeness that is Guster (They just happen to be one of our owner's favorite bands. Look them up – you're welcome.), Gustard is a spicy pickle mustard. A percentage of proceeds is donated to Zeno Mountain Farm — one of the greatest places on earth.