Marshmallows - The Vermont Marshmallow Company


The flavor that started it all! The Dulce de Leche Marshmallow combines sweetness and a golden swirl of decadently cooked caramel. It takes several hours of slow cooking for the caramel to acquire its unique, complex flavor profile, which is neither too sweet nor too overpowering. Enjoy this wonder on its own, in a hot chocolate, or in the traditional S'mores.

The Vermont Marshmallow Company transforms the vanilla marshmallow from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of toasted sugar. This gives them extra fluff and a hint of warmth, elevating them from standard to spectacular.

Cinnamon sugar? COFFEE'S NEW BESTIE. Should we just call it a marsh-churro?

Size: Bag of 10 handcut ~1.25x1.25" marshmallows

Storage: Cool, dark, and dry! Sunlight, air, and heat are the enemies of the marshmallows. In a pantry they're best within 3-4 months, in a fridge or freezer, up to a year (just let them come back to room temperature before enjoying for maximum floofiness!) 

**Note: corn syrup is 100% fructose free

Made in small batches by The Vermont Marshmallow Company in South Burlington, Vermont, USA. (Formerly known as Nomadic Kitchen).