Maple Sugar Seasoning Blends - Barred Woods


The Maple Sugar Seasoning Blends have been perfected to shake straight on your favorites! 

Maple Sugar and Cinnamon: Use this traditional topping on your toast, oatmeal, grapefruit, sliced apples or use in baking such as a topping for muffins.

Maple Sugar Garlic Pepper: Made from a mix of sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper and our maple sugar. Use this versatile seasoning on salmon, bacon or grilled vegetables or sprinkle on popcorn for a tasty treat. An all around savory seasoning.

Maple Sugar Chipotle Rub: Made from a spice blend of paprika, garlic, black pepper, chipotle and pure maple sugar, nothing else. Perfect for grilled pork, chicken, or shrimp or sprinkle on scrambled eggs or corn on the cob.

5 oz shaker jar.

About Barred Woods:

Founded as a four-way collab between friends with a love of Vermont, syrup-making, and keeping forests intact, these tastemakers are passionate about crafting the yummiest, healthiest maple goodies around—all while protecting the environment and supporting the community they call home.

Their sugarbush is located on 1300 pristine acres in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont. They are certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association, certified Bird Friendly by Vermont Audubon, their land is protected from development through the Vermont Land Trust, and they manage their forest to maximize carbon capture and are monitored by the American Carbon Registry (ACR).

Their name came to them from a chance encounter with a large barred owl while enjoying a walk through our Underhill sugarbush. She studied them from a tall spruce tree, and tolerated our questioning of "who cooks for you?". Taking this as a good omen, we named her Emma in honor of the woman who had once owned this beautiful parcel of land. Thus our company name Barred Woods was born, with Emma as our matriarch. We are very passionate about producing the best tasting and highest quality maple syrup possible. Our goal is to grow our maple syrup and other maple product offerings while being good stewards of the land and having a positive impact on the local economy.