Magnet - Vermont Compliance Syrup - Colossal Sanders


This humourous magnet from Colossal Sanders is the perfect gift for anyone who gets Vermont.

Each handmade collectible magnet is printed, sourced, and assembled by hand in Vermont. Even the real maple syrup in the tiny bottle comes from Vermont!

Put it on the fridge for a great conversation piece.  Beware: Some people will believe the Vermont Syrup law is real!

Every magnet is crafted meticulously with love and care and is made by hand by a human artist, not a machine.  Every piece is numbered and signed!  


VERMONT COMPLIANCE SYRUP: In accordance with Vermont's Mandatory Syrup Law*

*Vermont Statute H.205 mandates that every household "shall" have "some" 100 percent Vermont maple syrup on the premises "at all times"

Dimensions: 3" x 5.75"

Designed with joy and made by hand exclusively by Colossal Sanders in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont, USA.