Bernie Bar - Rabble Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co.


UPDATE: Rabble Rouser's location was completely destroyed by the July 2023 floods in Montpelier.  They are working hard to clean up and get back up and running.  Check out their website to see how to help them recover.

At Rabble Rouser Chocolate & Craft Company, they use high-quality cacao beans from South & Central America, grown on small, family-owned sustainable and ethical farms. This bean-to-bar craft chocolate makes for a bar of complex and slightly fruity chocolate, rich in flavor and deeply satisfying.

One of our store's top-sellers, the Bernie Bar is 70% cacao dark chocolate, liberally sprinkled with sea salt, a tongue-in-cheek homage to Vermont's own Senator Bernie Sanders.  Coarse sea salt flakes add the perfect edge to this luscious delight. Excellent for Bernie and chocolate lovers alike!

All products are non-GMO.

Rabble-Rouser is 100% employee-owned, unionized, and makes their chocolate in Montpelier, VT.