Catnip Toys - Eco-Buddies - 3-pk - Simply B Vermont


Eco-Buddies lighten our paw prints one toy at a time.¬†ūüźĺ

Cats adore these eco-minded, zero-waste catnip toys from Simply B Vermont.  They make these clever cat toys with upcycled fabric pieces left over from other projects!

We think there is something magical about their catnip blend.  Tested by the finickiest of felines...Even Patches, my mom's infamously SUPER lazy cat, plays with these toys!  

Each bag contains three cat toys in random colors and designs.  Toys may be uniquely shaped due to the nature of working with fabric scraps. That's the nature and beauty of upcycling!

These toys are made with 100% cotton fabric and are stuffed with Simply B's farm-fresh catnip farm-fresh catnip and fiberfill.

Made in Vermont, USA, by Simply B Vermont.