Boxed Caramels - Big Picture Farm


These mouth-watering, award-winning soft caramels are made with Big Picture Farm's goat's milk and other local and organic ingredients.  These 11-piece boxes make a perfect gift or snack!

Sea Salt & Vanilla Caramels put Big Picture Farm on the map.  Give to a host, share with friends, or keep a secret stash for yourself!  

The Maple Caramels are made with only the finest pure Vermont maple syrup sourced from the farm's neighbor. Savor the pure taste of Vermont. 

Boxes are USA-made and compostable.

Big Picture Farm is a small hillside goat dairy and farmstead confectionery and creamery located in southern Vermont. Their award-winning goat milk caramels are made with fresh, raw, creamy goat’s milk from their herd of 40 healthy and happy, free-ranging companions.