Adventure Leash - Waggle Woof and Wander


The Adventure Leash is Waggle Woof and Wander's most popular dog leash. 

This leash can go from a neighborhood stroll, to a trail walk, to a mountain hike adventure with ease. Its versatility makes it a fan favorite

Easy to clean! Just a simple rinse or a little soap and water for the really gross stuff.

The Adventure Leash has a break strength of 750 lbs.

The leash handle has a bonus floating O ring.  Clip your leash ends together to wear it across your body for easy access while your dog runs leash-free. The O ring is also a handy spot to hang your poop bags (before and after).

BioThane is a patented material made in the USA that is waterproof, odor-proof, mold-proof, lightweight, strong, durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t fade. Looks and feels like leather, only better!

6 feet long by 3/4 inch wide.

The Adventure Leash is made by Waggle Woof and Wander in Bristol, VT, USA>