Five Star Bars - Lake Champlain Chocolates


5 Stars, really? you may be thinking.

Trust us when we say, these bars have earned their stars, and one bite is all you need to taste why they are wrapped in gold.

Indulge in what Vogue magazine deems the “ultimate chocolate bar.”

And what we think is pure heaven on earth.

Available in seven irresistible flavors — try them all!

Bars are 1 1⁄2" wide, 2 1⁄2" long, and 1" thick Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients.

Did you know the very first Five Star Bar® was created in 1989 in what was then considered an impossible way to make a chocolate bar? Lake Champlain Chocolates tried hand-mixing the caramel bar’s thick center first (like ice cream), then wrapping it in chocolate. Turns out they were on to something...