Tree Heat Spicy Maple Syrup - Tree Heat Maple


Four super hot peppers and a tall drink of Vermont maple syrup walk into a bar...

The result is the greatest condiment the world has ever known, spicy maple syrup.* A union of sugar & spice that's a delight on everything, even cottage cheese if that's your thing.

In the spring of 2021, three friends who share a passion for Scoville units sat together in their small neighborhood bar and decided to get spicy.

Four of the world’s hottest chilis, Ghost, Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, and Chocolate Bhutlah, are infused into 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. 

Tree Heat Spicy Maple Syrup is more than a condiment. It is a life-giving tonic that will ignite a fire in your soul as you get spicy. 

8 fl oz

Made by Tree Heat Maple in Bristol, VT.

*Yet to be tested, but we're willing to make the claim!