Organic Maple Syrup Jugs - Twin Maple Sugarworks


Maple syrup, the pride of Vermont!

Twin Maple Sugarworks is committed to producing certified organic, pure maple syrup on its family-owned and operated sugarbush in Lincoln, VT.

And what's more? They do so in a way that uses all eco-conscious methods. Heck ya!

Available in Half Pint (8 fl oz), Pint (16 fl oz), Quart (32 fl oz), and Half Gallon (64 fl oz) jugs.

Did you know? Turning sap into syrup is all about energy. In the old days sugarers would burn acres of forest in the form of wood heat. Twin Maple SugarWorks, however, uses a process called Reverse Osmosis to concentrate their sugar.

This system allows them to use solar powered electricity instead of fossil fuels. And their boiler is powered by firewood, harvested sustainably from local forests and split and stacked by hand.