Beeswax Leather Conditioner - The Happy Hive


Love your leather goods with this conditioner and keep them looking amazing!

This Beeswax Leather Conditioner and shoe polish is crafted with delightfully natural beeswax to shield surfaces, plus sweet almond oil and shea butter to bring life back to dried leather, and fractionated coconut oil for a renewed gleam. Free of forceful chemicals and petroleum products.

How to use: Apply on leather shoes, leather bags, leather wallets, and other leather products (not for use on suede).

Because this conditioner uses natural beeswax, it has a slight yellowish tint to it but it is safe to use on almost any color of leather. We recommend you test a small section before using it on the entire leather product.

Made by the bees and the folks at The Happy Hive in Williston, Vermont, USA.