Salad Dressing - Rick's Vermont Kitchen


Rick got such compliments for his homemade, small batch salad dressings at his catering gigs, that he starting bottling them by popular demand!

Need some inspiration to cook healthy? Yup, we hear you.

These lip-smacking, all-natural salad dressings will do just the trick!

Handcrafted in small batches from thoughtfully sourced fresh ingredients.

These dressings are so versatile they also make delectable marinades and condiments for a variety of hot and cold dishes.Try the Maple Poppyseed on a chicken apple wrap, drizzle the Cinnamon Dressing over a sweet potato, or try the Horseradish Dressing as a glaze for baked ham.

Made in Essex Junction, VT by a small family owned and operated business.

12 oz jar