Pretzels with a Kick - Distler's Pretzels


All-natural pretzel bits, coated in intense flavor, and easy to snack.

What more could you ask for? also want your taste buds to experience a preservative and artificial flavor-free burst of deliciousness? DONE.

Starting from scratch, these mouthwatering snacks are made using premium flour and spices, then hand twisted, baked, crushed, seasoned and baked again. It’s that simple.

Made by Distler’s Pretzels in Williston, VT.

Net Weight: 1.5 oz., Snack Size Bag

Did you know? Over a decade ago, 8th grader Alec Distler started a small business as a school project. He crushed pretzels, coated them with cayenne, and re-baked them to sell in school. Turns out he was on to something....