Artisanal & Infused Maple Syrup - Runamok Maple


Somehow, Runamok took something perfect and made it better...

*Top-Seller Alert!* For their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, Runamok starts with their best organic maple syrup and ages it in recently emptied Bourbon barrels. The syrup draws in the essence of the Bourbon without the alcohol. Like premium whiskeys, the process takes time and careful tending. The result is a sophisticated duo that is a new classic. Enjoy over ice cream, in your morning coffee, or as a glaze on a pork loin roast.

Why argue with a good thing? This Cinnamon & Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup combines three flavors so often used together because they naturally complement each other.  Runamok tested both vanilla and cinnamon from regions around the globe until they found the perfect balance of flavors. This warming syrup is reminiscent of a cozy kitchen wafting with the aroma of sweet baking treats.  It's great on just about everything: pancakes, desserts, ice cream, yogurt, and cocktails.  

Given rum’s sweet origins, it’s not surprising that this Rum Barrel-Aged variety results in a sweeter finish compared to Runamok's other barrel-aged maple syrups. It’s a delight over pancakes and waffles, delicious on ice cream, and a wonderful addition to desserts like Runamok's Maple Rum Cake.

So many great spices go well with maple syrup but cardamom is one of our favorites. For this Cardamom Infused Maple Syrup, Runamok has made sure the spice shines through so you can add it to a cocktail or drizzle it over a favorite dish and taste just a bit of the cardamom. Serve it as a seasoning for curry or add it to frosting for a sophisticated turn. Drizzle over the top of Swedish Cardmom Buns, just to gild the lily.

Runamok's Cocoa Bean Infused Maple Syrup has a deep flavor that is luscious and complex. Cocoa nibs are chocolate in its purest form; the dried and fermented bits of cacao beans before any processing. Heavily weighted toward the chocolate flavor, this syrup will be perfect over ice cream or some very decadent French toast.

Another thing to love? Runamok strives to be not only good environmental stewards of their land and sugarbush, but also of the planet. They invest in renewable energy and donate their post-infused ingredients to other producers in the area to divert food waste. Awesome.

8.45 oz bottles.

Made in Fairfax, VT by Runamok Maple.