Vermont Winter Wonderland Bangles - Mighty Girl Designs


Beautiful, inspiring, thoughtful.  

These one-of-a-kind bangle charm bracelets were designed just for Vermont's Own, representing the love we have for Vermont.

Mighty Girl Designs is a one-woman show.  Myriah, a teacher and mom, with a love for nature and its treasures, was always drawn to acorns, inspired by their resilience, strength, and ability to survive.

Myriah collects acorns on her hikes and nature walks and they serve as the cornerstone of these bangles.  "From tiny acorns, might oaks grow."

"I started creating and wearing jewelry made from acorns as a reminder that I am mighty, WE are MIGHTY! The fractured glass marble attached to the acorn cap symbolizes the many facets of our life that have been difficult to navigate or that have left us feeling broken.  Those moments are woven into our soul becoming the memories that we carry as we continue to write our story. Each day we persist and remain strong like the outer layer of the marble, holding the fracture pieces together allowing the light to shine through because... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL."

Each Vermont Winter Wonderland Bangle is adjustable to fit many adult wrists.  Charms include: Acorn Cap with Fracture Glass Marble, Mighty Girl Charm, Tiny Acorn, Cow, Maple Leaf, Snowflake, and Vermont.  

Made in Bristol, VT by Mighty Girl Designs.