Hand Sanitizer - A Spirited Response


If one product could exemplify the spirit of Vermont businesses, this would be it. 

In the midst of the global pandemic, a coalition of Vermont companies came together in a BIG way to support a community in need. 

With a national shortage of hand sanitizer, essential frontline workers in our communities were in dire need, on the verge of being unable to safely do their jobs. 

President and CEO of Farrell Distributing, David Farrell, teamed up with Citizen Cider, Aqua ViTea Kombucha, Caledonia Spirits, and Runamok Maple to find a solution.

They looked at the resources they had: countless expiring beer, cider, and kombucha kegs; a custom-made processor that spins alcohol out of kombucha; hundreds of thousands of donated plastic bottles; huge vessels and tankers meant for cider, and a strong distribution network that could move pallets of product. 

A plan was hatched. The coalition teamed up to extract alcohol from their products, producing an enough hand sanitizer to replace an estimated tens of millions of handwashes. That’s life-saving right there. 

If you need a reason why local and regional economies matter, this is it. And we’re damn proud to be a part of it. 

A Spirited Response hand sanitizer is 4 fl oz. 


Made with a World Health Organization recipe. No unnecessary gelling agents added.


Active ingredients - Alcohol 80%